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Philips Water Storage Heater AWH1122H/90 25L (FREE DELIVERY)

Philips Water Storage Heater AWH1122H/90 25L (FREE DELIVERY)

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More hot water with special water inlet design which prevents immediate direct contact between hot and cold water flow

Easy temperature adjustment with mechanical knob at the bottom

Durability Single girth welding lowers down risk of leakage vs conventional 3- welding

Thick blue diamond enamel coated water tank, as well as water inlets and outlets, to provide excellent corrosion resistance

Resistor magnesium anode with long lifetime to protect the water tank

Incoloy 840 heating elements resists oxidization and carbonization in high temperature environment

Energy saving

Extra dense polyurethane insulation against heat loss


IPX4 waterproof

Earth leakage current breaker (ELCB) for extra safety


This product includes a two-year warranty for the water heater and seven-year warranty for the tank from the date of purchase. For more details about the warranty conditions, please refer to the warranty information in the box. If you need more information, please visit: Within two years from the date of purchase, you will receive free warranty service for any damage caused by the manufacturing process or components under normal operation confirmed by our maintenance service. The warranty service does not include frequent replaced consumable components (water purifier filter, pitcher filter, granular activated carbon, ion exchange resin, hollow fiber membrane, magnesium rod, etc.), auxiliary devices, transportation fee and door-to-door service.

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