Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is characterized by its hot and humid climate. Ceiling fan had almost become the choices of every house owner. According to EVERLED research on those household which are using ceiling fan, each household is using 3 fans in average. Ceiling fans are started to replace stand fan and wall fan, becoming household favorites due to its better air circulation and fashion design.


Many First-time home buyers are having a common doubt: WHAT CEILING FAN SIZES ARE SUITABLE FOR MY HOUSE??

 Based on the study, ceiling fan has the best performance on wind delivery when the distance of the fan is at least 2.5feet - 3 feet from the wall. Below are the examples: 



For Common Bedroom, the wind delivery is the most important consideration when buying a ceiling fan. For room size with 8ft-10ft (Width) X 8ft-10ft (Length), we will recommend a ceiling fan with size from 42” to 48”. While for Master Bedroom with 10ft-15ft (Width) X 8ft-12ft (Length), 46” to 54” ceiling fan are recommended.

Precaution: When you choose on ceiling fan, please beware of your wardrobe design. If your wardrobe is attached to the ceiling, please remember to take the dimension of the wardrobe into account. (Note: Wardrobe at the corner of the ceiling fan doesn’t affect much on the wind delivery). For wardrobe with pulling doors, we must make sure when the door is opened, it won’t hit the fan blade.


Recommended Ceiling Fan for Bedroom




For Living Hall, ceiling fan is purchased based on its wind coverage. A 52” to 60” ceiling fan is recommended in living hall. On the other hand, ceiling fan in Dining Hall is considered as a decoration fan to match the interior design, some might install pendant light instead of ceiling fan. If you would like to enjoy a windy and pleasant meal, we will recommend a 42” to 52” ceiling fan on your dining table.

Precaution: If day-night curtain is installed in living room, we have to make sure the distance from the wall is at least 2.5ft-3.5ft to prevent the curtain blew up and stuck in the ceiling fan when reverse air-flow mode is switched on because day curtain usually made to be lighter and will blew up by the strong wind ceiling fan easily.



Recommended Ceiling Fan for Living Room



For Balcony, ceiling fan are installed for aesthetic looks to match the interior design. The considerations of fan design are usually more important than wind delivery and coverage. We will recommend 26”-42” ceiling fan based on your balcony size.

Precaution: Make sure the blades are within the awning or ceiling to prevent the fan blade exposed to rain or direct sunlight which might caused the fading in fan blades color.


Recommended Ceiling Fan for Balcony

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